Gabrielle McClinton


"McClinton is all sex appeal and strength. She's Josephine Baker meets Tina Turner. It's hard to take your eyes off her." -The Oregonian

"In this play within a play, the Leading Player (the sinuous Gabrielle McClinton) opens the show, shimmying and shoulder-shaking and commanding the stage with the fierce edge of a director who can fire you the minute the next young ingénue comes along. I’m struck by the hollow cynicism of the musical, illustrated by the deliberate biting edge of McClinton’s gorgeous Leading Player." -Boston Globe

"McClinton’s Leading Player makes a suitably charismatic ringmaster, with a powerful yet smooth vocal attack and a catlike grace in her prowling moves. Easy to see how she ensnares Pippin, since she’s doing the same to the audience — yet her toughness lends the right tension, clueing us in that she’s not to be entirely trusted."  -Chron

"Leading the way is the gorgeous and brilliantly talented Gabrielle McClinton as Leading Player.  She's got charisma and stage presence to spare and is a pleasure to watch. Her voice is perfect and when she is called upon to break out the Fosse choreography, she wields her hips like a deadly weapon. Her acting is also top-notch when she is called upon to deliver the character's more sinister side in the play's final scenes." -Broadway World

"As our primary storyteller, the charisma and power with which she moved, sang and danced demanded attention. Whenever she was onstage, eyes flew to her—" DC Metro Theater Arts



"Gabrielle McClinton, as Johnny's rebellious girlfriend, delivers a performance ripe with wit and tenderness, and then leads the women through “Letterbomb” with Amazonian fury."  -St. Louis Today


"Stunning Broadway rookie,Gabrielle McClinton in the role of Whatsername, was completely mesmerizing – making it almost impossible to take an eye or ear off her, as she effortlessly sent chills amongst the crowd."  -AskMissa


Gabrielle McClinton (Anita) received the most electric ovation of the night.  She possesses chiseled mezzo together with an ability to spit out text both clearly and with nonchalance.  On stage, she always seemed to be in control of herself and of her circumstances. Her Anita was so comfortable in her skin, so at home in her sensuality, so unsparing in her common sense. McClinton’s ability to reveal Anita’s power ensured that the “simulated” rape scene perpetrated by the Jets as she tried to save Tony from imminent death was arguably the most powerful, disturbing, shocking scene of the night.



"McClinton’s Molly is...brave, inquisitive, independent and unabashedly brilliant."

-OC Register


"McClinton returns to her SoCal roots following Broadway and National Tour stints and she could not be a sassier or more charming Molly."


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