Gabrielle McClinton

Chelsea Handler

Gabrielle McClinton

Listen up kids. Chelsea Handler has a new talk show (currently in its second season) on Netflix. I used to graze her show when it was on E! but had trouble committing, and now, I can't seem to stop watching - not that I'd want to... it's brilliant. 

She has figured out what works for her and has found the ingredients it takes to build a solid talk show.  Even after the first season, she made changes that made the show work better - like filming only one, longer episode a week rather than multiple, shorter episodes. There are no rules with Chelsea - she can do what she wants... and she is! 

I think it's especially hard in the entertainment industry to change things once they've been established. Those in the industry have gotten used to what's comfortable. It's easy to let fear and judgement cause a show's content to fall by the wayside rather than aiming for what feels right regardless of what people think. Clinging to what you think should work and what you believe the end result should look like "on paper" is outdated. It turns out the riskier path is the most secure path. I mean who wants to die after living a life based on safe choices? There's no life in that. 

That's not Chelsea. She is redefining the talk show formula, and it helps that she's doing so on Netflix, a network that supports authenticity and the ability to not hold back. What I love about Chelsea's show is that I am not only laughing uncontrollably, I'm also learning a shitload while doing it.  She sets up an environment that is relaxing; yet, fun. It's as if you're in her living room; yet, at a nightclub.  She interviews an array of guests ranging from CNN's Don Lemon to Eddie Izzard to Senator Al Franken to Priyanka Chopra while sitting cross legged on her stretched out sofa.  There really is something for everyone. She has profound interests in politics, racism, LGBT rights, women's rights, climate change, and basically everything you thought you knew but really didn't until Donald Trump came into office and made you want to become more educated. She's doing all this with humor; and what better way to get educated?!  With our political climate as it is, it is super important to be educated and to allow voices like Chelsea's to be heard. 

Tune into new episodes of Season 2 of "Chelsea" every Friday on Netflix! I mean, come on! Her dog is basically the co-host. You'll even get a chance to be a fly on a wall at one of her dinner parties while celebrities have discussions on marriage, racism, marijuana, education, and that they really are human.